Packaging material for liquid small bag such as liquid soup and dressing. It enables stable high-speed filling performance. In addition, it is possible to clean the work environment by non-powder applications, which contributes to the improvement of customer's work efficiency.
We also offer a high-speed small-bag liquid-filling machine called the Ryoga LP3000 that we jointly developed with OS Machinery Corp.

Product Features

  1. The heat seal and hot tack properties in the low-temperature range are improved to enable stable high-speed filling.
  2. We offer packaging materials that are easier to use through the addition of magic cut and other features.
  3. The high-speed small-bag liquid-filling machine Ryoga LP3000 (jointly developed with OS Machinery Corp) achieves high productivity for any packaged product of packaging material structure through the use of a roll-adjuster mechanism.

Main Applications

Dressing, mayonnaise, liquid soup, sauce, noodle soup base, wasabi (Japanese horseradish), mustard

Product Specifications

●Product Specifications

■Ryoga LP3000 high-speed small-bag liquid-filling machine

・Fast working, but seal lasts twice as long
・Fast filling even with aluminum in packaging
・Excellent low-temperature sealing even when filling at room temperature

■Roll-adjuster mechanism of Ryoga LP3000 high-speed small-bag liquid-filling machine

■Vertical seal-preheating mechanism of the Ryoga LP3000 high-speed small-bag liquid-filling machine

Warming the packaging materials in advance enhances low-temperature sealing properties, achieving stable sealing.