Non-interactive packaging materials

Our unique NI (non-interactive) films use spans from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics.

Product Features

  1. NI-β: Used for a wide range of applications, primarily as drug contact material for liquid pharmaceuticals and transdermal medicines.
  2. The NI-∑ (sigma) film in paticular has the same stability as glass and has been used in many pharmaceutical products such as intravenous bags. It conforms to the Japanese MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) as well as FDA.
  3. The NI-γ (gamma) films are optimal for powder/granule medicines such as stomache relief drugs.

Main Applications

Various injectables, vitamins, etc.

Product Specifications

BrandSeriesMain ApplicationsPackage TypeRemarks
NIf®βPharmaceuticals, cosmeticsSachet, three-side seal pouch
γpharmaceuticalsSachet, three-side seal pouch
ΣInjections, vitamins, highly diluted drugs, proteins, cosmeticsSachet, three-side seal pouch, chemical bag, refill stand-up pouchCompliant with JP and USP guidelines, DMF-registered