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Collapsible liquid container: CUBITAINER®

These are commercial-use liquid containers that combine cardboard with flexible plastic containers. ZACROS has continued to lead the industry as a pioneer of liquid containers for a wide range of applications such as industrial chemicals, food, shochu (Japanese spirits)/refined sake, dairy products and pharmaceutical products that boast strong reliability based on thorough quality control.

A new type of CUBITAINER®.

Product Features

· Can be folded up for storage, drastically reducing the amount of storage space required compared to metal cans and plastic containers.
· Uses an original ZACROS-designed resin to create containers with superior acid, alkali, water, humidity and cold resistance.
· Lightweight and easy-to-handle packages that offer excellent workability and can be used with various types of accessories for easy and convenient pouring of contents.
· In this eco-friendly product, the inner container does not emit noxious gas during combustion and the outer cardboard box can be separated for reducing, reusing and recycling.
· The inner container is molded at a high temperature in a clean environment to create a highly hygienic container.

Product Specifications

Type Characteristics Major established uses
U Type General type General foods, general industrial chemicals, etc.
Y Type High-strength type resistant to chemicals and heat. Sodium hypochlorite, water treatment agents, plating solution, etc.
A Type Type with no added resin, conforming to regulations for milk, etc.
(Complies with Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Standard 55)
Dairy products, etc.
BN Type Gas-barrier type Refined sake, liquid seasoning, etc.

Main Applications

Capacity Opening size (mm) Quantity Product size (mm) Packaged size (mm)
5L 32 200 190×190×190 560×800×515
10L 32 100 250×250×230 640×640×640
18L 32
100 295×295×295 660×770×610
20L 32
100 300×300×300 660×770×610

Main Applications

Foods (vinegar, refined sake, shochu (Japanese spirits), milk, liquid seasoning, etc.)
Industrial chemicals (cleaning agents, purified water, developing solutions, paint, etc.)

Introduction to Filling Machine

[D-2FT/VA semi-automatic filling machine]
Filling capacity: 90 units/hour (20 L)
Measuring system: Load cell weighing
Capping: Manual
Filling system: Switches between vacuum and no vacuum
Two-stage filling system (large fill, small fill)
Can also fill Z-TAINER®

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Collapsible liquid container: RECTAINER®, Plastic film-lined liquid container: Z-TAINER®

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ZACROS has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality control management system and ISO 14001:2004 certification for its environmental management system in six plants and related departments (including the Head Office, R&D Laboratory, branch and sales offices).