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Daily Commodities

We come in contact with them during various aspects of our daily lives without even noticing. Our products are always nearby in your everyday activities that are repeated again and again. Our society is becoming extremely conscious of not only convenience, but also safety, reliability, and consideration for the environment. We hope to support your daily life through various products that respond to these changes in our social environment.


Refillable self-standing pouch: FLOWPACK® NT Standard type that uses a tube inserted into the refill part to secure a flow passage. By changing the diameter of the tube, it can be used to contain products ranging from low to high viscosity.
Refillable self-standing pouch: FLOWPACK® BF Versatile type that secures a flow passage with a molded rib and can be adapted for a wide variety of product viscosities, sizes, and filling machines.
Refillable self-standing pouch: FLOWPACK® UV This pouch has UV-curable ink printed on the refill part, and it secures a flow passage and shape retention.
Refillable self-standing pouch: FLOWPACK® RC This bag offers superior safety, reliability and hygiene by wrapping its resealable spout in film.
Non-absorbent and odor reducing sealant: NI-FILM Sealant materials that retain the original potency, flavor and aroma of the contained product.
Double-structured aerosol container: PASS Can be sprayed from various angles and the liquid inside is protected by a double-structure aerosol system.
Release film: FILMBYNA® Film separator manufactured in a brand new clean environment.

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ZACROS has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality control management system and ISO 14001:2004 certification for its environmental management system in six plants and related departments (including the Head Office, R&D Laboratory, branch and sales offices).