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Medical & Pharmaceutical Products

Relief, Safe, Clean. This is the concept on which we base our business in the medical and pharmaceutical field. We proudly call ourselves a pioneer in medical and pharmaceutical packaging. Our varied lineup of products backed by accumulated technologies and reliability has continued to contribute to relief and safety at pharmaceutical production sites, medical practices, and in actual usage situations.


Single-use bag for bio-pharmaceutical production processes

We provide all types of single-use bags and related devices suited to R&D and production of bio-pharmaceuticals. We can also customize bags and containers for external packaging to suit your needs.

Single-use bags for microbiological cultures This CULTURE BAG® is the first single-use system for microbiological cultures that is made in Japan. We also offer a gamma-sterilized GAMMA BAG.
Plant culture bag: AGRIFLEX® AGRIFLEX® is an extension of applications of the sterilization technologies developed by ZACROS for food, pharmaceutical and medical products. It is a new type of culture bag that uses a completely different approach from tissue culture with ordinary Erlenmeyer flasks.
Packaging materials for pharmaceutical products Manufactured in clean plants that comply with GMP and ISO standards.
PTP Single PP packaging material that is an environmentally friendly material used for bottom and lid materials for tablet and capsule applications.
Cyclic Olefin Polymer Bag/Non-leaching Low-elution Soft Bag for Injectable Drug: NIpR This flexible double-chamber container was developed for pharmaceutical applications and can be modified for an easy peeling, strengthened design depending on each customer's needs.
Liquid stick Liquid stick packaging materials with various advantages such as easy dosing and easy portability.
Medical instrument packaging materials: MEDDIC Packaging materials for medical instruments that support the development of disposable medical instruments and provide safe, hygienic conditions, handling ease, and protection by sterilization.
Non-absorbent and odor reducing sealant: NI-FILM Sealant materials that retain the original potency, flavor and aroma of the contained product.
Release film: FILMBYNA® Film separator manufactured in a brand new clean environment.
Double-structured aerosol container: PASS Can be sprayed from various angles and the liquid inside is protected by a double-structure aerosol system.
High-hermetic container: CSP This high-hermetic container can be opened and closed with one hand. Depending on the application, desiccant can be molded into the container body.
Refillable self-standing pouch: FLOWPACK® NT Standard type that uses a tube inserted into the refill part to secure a flow passage. By changing the diameter of the tube, it can be used to contain products ranging from low to high viscosity.
Refillable self-standing pouch: FLOWPACK® BF Versatile type that secures a flow passage with a molded rib and can be adapted for a wide variety of product viscosities, sizes, and filling machines.
Refillable self-standing pouch: FLOWPACK® RC

This bag offers superior safety, reliability and hygiene by wrapping its resealable spout in film.

Collapsible liquid container: CUBITAINER® Lightweight, strong, space-saving, and collapsible molded liquid containers that are easily disposable.
Collapsible liquid container: RECTAINER® Advanced type of the CUBITAINER®, our best-selling liquid container for commercial use.
Plastic film-lined liquid container: Z-TAINER® Gusset-type liquid containers that use our "bag-in-box" technology.

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