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Plastic film-lined liquid container: Z-TAINER®

You can choose from a variety of functional films for this standalone plastic film-lined liquid container. There is a grip on the inner liner, so it can be used in clean rooms and other environments where cardboard boxes are not allowed. It is available in a gusset type and standing type in various sizes from 5 - 20 L.

Product Features

· Can be folded up for storage, drastically reducing the amount of storage space required compared to metal cans and plastic containers.
· The inner liner has a grip to increase its handling ability when removed from the cardboard box and optimize it for use in clean rooms and other environments where cardboard boxes are not allowed.
· The inner liner is a gusset-type pouch that stands on its own and leaves very little liquid remaining after removal.
· Highly efficient production is possible with an automated filling system.
· In this eco-friendly product, the inner liner does not emit noxious gas during combustion and the outer cardboard box can be separated for reducing, reusing and recycling.
· The inner liner is manufactured in a clean room so that it is extremely hygienic.

Product Specifications

Type Characteristics Major established uses
A Type General-purpose type General foods, general industrial chemicals, etc.
BA Type Low-odor type Liquid seasoning, etc.
AB Type High-barrier type Wine, shochu (Japanese spirits), etc.
BB Type High-barrier/low-odor type Mineral water, etc.

Main Applications

Capacity Opening size (mm) Quantity Product size (mm) Packaged size (mm)
5L 32 200 190×190×190 620×500×300
10L 32 150 250×250×230 620×500×300
18L 32 100 295×295×295 620×500×300
20L 32 100 300×300×300 620×500×300

Inquiries on This Product

Fujimori Kogyo Co., Ltd. International Department
TEL: 03-6381-2573

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