Corporate Governance

In order to contribute to society as a whole, our company and its group companies will not only comply with laws and regulations, but also strictly enforce social norms and ethics, and conduct fair and transparent business activities.

Corporate Governance

Our company’s basic stance on corporate governance is” enhancing corporate governance to enhance management transparency and maximize corporate value from the perspective of shareholders, while enhancing competitiveness based on a spirit of corporate ethics and compliance” which we consider to be an important management issue.

Governance and Risk Management Systems

Our company has established the “Development of a system to ensure that the execution of duties by directors complies with laws and regulations and the articles of incorporation, and other systems specified by the Ministry of Justice Ordinance as those necessary to ensure the appropriateness of the operations of a Stock Company” in accordance with the Companies Act as follows. Under this system, the Company endeavors to ensure the legality and efficiency of the Company’s business and to manage risks. At the same time, the Company continuously reviews and improves the system in accordance with changes in socioeconomic conditions and other environmental conditions.

Corporate Governance Report