Research & Development


Inheriting our company’s founding spirit that “unique ideas are born when we challenge the unknown,” our research and development integrates our materials expertise with our processing technology in order to contribute to the realization of an environment-friendly society, an holistically well society, and a smart society.




R & D Sites Overview

  • We have a R&D Laboratory in Yokohama, satellite laboratories in Kobe and Tsurumi, and development sites in, Mie, Numata, and Taiwan. In order to respond quickly to the demands of society and customers, we have distinctive experimental facilities with clearly defined roles.


Customer Relation Center

We introduce our latest technology, which has a long track record of being First Entry, Only One, and No. 1. We have set up exhibition booths for each of the social issues we are focusing on, and we regularly update the content of our exhibits to keep up with the rapid changes in the world. As a place where we will continue to challenge the future and provide new value beyond the boundaries of converting, please stop by to see all of our latest technologies.