Policy List

Fujimori Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the “ZACROS”)will implement information security measures in accordance with the importance of the information assets, based on the following policies, and will make efforts to prevent problems related to information security.

Compliance with laws and regulations

ZACROSwill comply with all applicable laws and regulations and standards concerning information security, as well as its internal rules.

Security measures

ZACROSwill implement appropriate security measures, taking into consideration advances in technology and environmental changes, and maintain and improve information security.

Violation and accident response

ZACROSwill respond appropriately and swiftly and take corrective measures when information assets have been threatened or there isa violation of laws and regulations or internal rules.
Education, training, and awareness raisingIn order to implement appropriate and secure information security measures, ZACROSwill make the importance thereof known and will also make efforts to raise awareness through education and training.

Upgrading of internal structure

ZACROSwill establish and promote a management system with clearly defined roles to continually make improvements to respond to changes in the environment.