Realization of a Holistically Well Society

We contribute to the Realization of a Holistically Well Society through the development of the world’s first thrombosis testing system, the development of advanced medical care in general, and ultra-high moisture-resistant technologies. 

Thrombosis and Hemostasis Test Systems

Based on the Japanese concept of creating new added-value, “CHIGAI,” by combining biotechnology and plastic processing technology, we are developing testing systems in the area of thrombosis and hemostasis. These technologies will prevent thrombosis, and help identify appropriate drug treatment. 

Ultra-high moisture-proofing technology to improve quality of life in the medical field

Due to recent changes in the social environment, there is a need to support the medical field and contribute to improving the QOL of patients. For wearables and other home medical care, we are developing technology for ultra-high moisture-resistant film, which replaces conventional glass containers and enables miniaturization and usability improvement.