Realization of an Environment-Friendly Society

 We will contribute to the realization of an environment-friendly society by working to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, including reducing CO₂ emissions and the use of organic solvents, and promoting waste reduction and recycling.

PE monomaterial standing pouches

In order to contribute to a sustainable society, we are working to reduce the amount of waste produced by 30% by 2030. To this end, we have succeeded for the first time in Japan in developing a PE monomaterial standing pouch that is easy to recycle and has the strength and various barrier properties of conventional multi-layered materials. 

Adhesive-less lamination technology

As part of our efforts to contribute to a society in harmony with nature, we are working to reduce VOCs by 30% by 2030. As an example of our VOC reduction efforts, we have adopted highly concentrated adhesives in our dry lamination process. Also, we have developed an adhesive-free lamination technology to further reduce VOCs and to comply with possible future VOC regulations. 

Effective use of VOC gas

At the Yokohama Plant, our production engineering development department collaborated with our partners to develop a unique VOC processing system using micro gas turbines. By effectively using VOC gas as fuel for electricity and heat, we are working to reduce CO₂ emissions through resource conservation and air pollution, thereby contributing to the realization of an environment-friendly society.