Electronics materials & IT solutions

As we aimcontinually for thehighest quality in the future, we at ZACROS are committed to the environment,and will constantly update our cleanliness environmental control managementand coating technologies to provide the value necessary for a sustainable and ultra-smart society.


  • Protection Film

    These products have virtually nodefects and are manufactured in an ultra-high clean environment. Please contact us for customization options.

  • CCS(CustomizationConnectivity Solution)

    Wecanconvert your materials into films using our production equipment. We support the entire process from development to mass production.

  • Free Standing Electrode (ZEF) ※Under Development

    Free Standing Electrodes (Cathode and Anode electrodes) consisting of only a mixed layer without a current collector. Contributes to the realization of large-size batteries that could not be manufactured in the past.