By making improvements to production processes and developing environmentally-friendly products, ZACROS is committed to making environmental improvements and preventing the wasteful use of limited resources, through “sustainable development” that seeks to protect and create harmony with the global environment.

Achievement of a Society in Harmony with Nature – Substances of Concern Reduced by 30%

In order to reduce the amount of organic solvent used in production processes, ZACROS is committed to achieving a society that lives in harmony with nature, through the introduction of solventless coating technology, new coating technologies that use non-organic solvents, and the installation of new equipment, in order to reduce the use of organic solvents (which are harmful to the environment) by 30% compared to FY2014. We are also committed to preventing air pollution by finding ways to make effective use of VOC gases that are emitted during production processes.

Achievement of a Recycling-Oriented Society – Waste Reduced by 30%

Taking into consideration the finite nature of our resources and the benefits of recycling, ZACROS is committed to achieving a recycling-oriented society by reducing the volume of waste that is discharged from all processes by 30% compared to FY2014. In addition, the FLOWPACK® series of refillable containers, which at time of disposal have only 5% of the volume and a quarter of the resin compared to conventional molded containers, also contribute to the reduction of waste at the point of consumption.

Achievement of a Low-Carbon Society – CO2 Reduced by 50% 

ZACROS is committed to achieving a low-carbon society by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from energy consumption by 50% compared to FY2014, through active investment in the introduction of renewable energy facilities, the development and introduction of energy-saving consumption facilities (converting heat, waste, and VOC gas emitted from production processes into electricity and steam), and the replacement of conventional fuels with low-CO2 fuels, etc.