High clean packaging materials/ High clean packaging materials with spout

This packaging material is produced inside a Class 1,000 clean room. It prevents external contamination by minimizing the amount of foreign substances and contaminants (such as dust, metal ions, gases, etc.). We suggest the best design according to the content, using non-interactive films when required.

Product Features

By producing in a Class 1,000 clean room and using non-contact foreign substance removers, we minimize the amount of particles.

We propose the best designs for any contents, drawing on accumulated expertise in material selection and production technology.

Our spout design technique makes it easier for end users to rapidly refill their containers. The pouch design easily adjusts to filling equipment as well.

Main Applications

Electronic components, printer components, wafers, photomasks, special resins

Product Specifications

We offer barrier and non-barrier pouches by selecting and composing material according to your needs.

Product name Package Type
Clean Pack Back seal gusset pouch
Side seal gusset pouch
Three-side seal pouch
Functional spout pouch