Non-interactive packaging materials

By preventing adsorption of nutrients, fragrance, and medicinal components of cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals to the contact surface, this flexible packaging material preserves the original taste, scent and efficacy of the content. Please contact us if you encounter difficulties with sorption when changing your content to a flexible package.

Product Features

  1. Switching from a rigid plastic bottle to NIf® reduces resin use and increases transportation efficiency.
  2. Switching from a glass container to NIf® increases transportation efficiency, eliminates risk of breakage, and contributes to higher usability.
  3. Our packaging has seals that are optimized for liquids.

Main Applications

Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, injections, etc.

Product Specifications

BrandSeriesMain ApplicationsPackage TypeRemarks
NIf®βCosmetics, pharmaceuticalsSachet, three-side seal pouch
γPharmaceuticalsSachet, three-side seal pouch
ΣCosmetics, injections, vitamins, highly diluted drugs, proteinsSachet, three-side seal pouch, chemical bag, refill stand-up pouchCompliant with JP and USP guidelines, DMF-registered