Retort pouch

Our retort pouches are used by numerous customers that favor their reliable quality assurance. In addition to designing the material composition, shape and size of the packaging materials to match your specific application, we also help streamline your production with special equipment such as our retort automated filling system. We also offer a new microwave-safe retort pouch.

Product Features

  1. We create the optimal packaging material design for each type of use, including single-pack distribution, carton distribution, and commercial use.
  2. We rigorously manage lots of retort pouches and ensure full traceability.
  3. Automation of processes in the filling line achieves cost reductions and stable quality.

Main Applications

Curry, stew, cooking sauce, soup, cooking ingredients, cooked rice, rice porridge

Product Specifications

Product formExample of composition
Single-pack distributionPET//Ny//Al foil//CPP
Carton distributionPET//Al foil//CPP
Transparent retort pouch (microwave-safe)Transparent vapor deposition PET (barrier)//Ny//CPP