Spouted pouch:Flowpack®SP

Flowpack® SP is a stand-up refill pouch with a resealable spout. It is widely used, such as high-volume refill pouches for multiple uses and for cosmetics requiring a luxurious feel. High-volume refill pouches for multiple uses are more sustainable than buying one product over and over again.

Product Features

  1. Switching from a rigid bottle to Flowpack®SP reduces around 90% of plastic use and 85% of CO2 emissions.
  2. A resealable spout and cap allow pouches to be widely used as high-volume refill pouches for multiple uses.
  3. Eco-friendly materials, such as mono-material, bio-based material, recycled material and paper, are also available.

※According to the internal estimate of replacing 3 bottles

Main Applications

Cosmetic products (beauty lotion and cleansing oil), Deodorizer, Detergent, Softener, Hair care products (shampoo and conditioner), Bodysoap, etc

Product Specifications

We suggest the most appropriate design depending on the nature of the content, its volume and viscosity.
Depending on the size of the spout, hinge caps or caps with a check valve function can be used.

Series Main Applications Specifications
SP-Φ5 Cleansing oil, Toner, Lotion, Serum, etc.Φ5 spouted refill pouch

This can be used as primary packaging.
SP-Φ8.7 Cleansing oil, Toner, Lotion, Serum, Deodorizer, Detergent, Softener, etc.Φ8.7 spouted refill pouch
SP-Φ11 Deodorizer, Detergent, Softener, Shampoo, Conditioner, etc.Φ11 spouted refill pouch
SP-Φ16 Shampoo, Conditioner, Bodysoap, etc.Φ16 spouted refill pouch

Product details

Please download the product details of the refill pouch(Flowpack®NT, Flowpack®PL, Flowpack®SP) from here.

Sustainable package solution

Click here for solutions to make refill pouches even more sustainable.(Transferred to ZACROS Sustainable Package Solution Japanese website.)