Sustainable Food Packaging

In order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, many customers have adopted our various eco-friendly packaging materials. We will design according to your purpose, such as bio-based materials for CO2 reduction and paper materials for less resin.  In addition, we provide physical property evaluations upon your request.

Product Features

  1. Design and proposal of packaging materials according to your desired purpose and cost
  2. Support the calculation of packaging environmental impact (Amount of CO2 reduction, resin reduction, etc. compared to other products)
  3. Compatible to the Food Sanitation Law and the Positive List system

Main Applications

Primary or secondary food packaging

Product Specifications

Environmental consideration itemsExample of compositionRemarks
bio-based inkPET//printing(bio-based ink)//Ny//CPPVarious combinations are possible.
bio-based PET filmbio-based PET//print//Ny//PE
bio-based PE filmPET//Ny//bio-based PE