T-TAS®01(Total Thrombus-formation Analysis System)

T-TAS is a flow chamber system that employs disposable microchip with multiple microfluidic channels. Within the channels, blood comes into contact with physiological activator of hemostasis (collagen and/or tissue factor), mimicking an injured blood vessel inducing platelet adhesion and/or activation of coagulation pathway.
Three types of chip (PL/AR/HD) with different design offers its unique applications.

Product Features

  1. T-TAS is a global assay using only physiological activator of hemostasis and measures entire process of primary and secondary hemostasis.
  2. T-TAS can analyze thrombus formation process under physiological conditions by using microchip mimicking an injured blood vessel.
  3. T-TAS is ease of use by deploying GUI guidance system and ready to use chips and reagents.
    ※Graphical User Interface

Main Applications

PL chip is for measurement of primary hemostatic function involving platelet aggregations.
AR chip is suitable for the assessment of whole-blood hemostasis (primary and secondary hemostatic functions).
HD chip can also measure whole-blood hemostasis and work with specimen even with low platelet count.

Product Specifications

1Product nameT-TAS®01 Total Thrombus-formation Analysis System
2Rated voltageAC adaptor: 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Instrument: DC 12 V (3.5 A)
3Rated power consumption42 W or less
(The rated power consumption for entire system is 60 W)
6Pressure detection range-60 kPa to 200 kPa
7Operation temperature20 ℃ to 30 ℃
8Operation humidity20 % to 80 %. No condensation.
9Operating altitudeBelow 2,000m

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