Recognizing safety as a top priority, ZACROS is committed to complying with all laws and regulations, and we pledge to conduct business activities in a way that will ensure the health and safety of all our employees.

ZACROS Safety Day

ZACROS has established “ZACROS Safety Day” to help prevent accidents among all employees. Every year before ZACROS Safety Day, we conduct safety patrols and sign a safety declaration to raise every employee’s awareness of safety. 

Safety Patrols

Every year before ZACROS Safety Day, we conduct safety patrols at all group companies in Japan and overseas to identify and make improvements to hazardous areas. Employees from each site participate in these patrols, and the patrol members are trained to make continuous improvements regarding safety and health and to raise awareness of safety as a top priority. 

Safety Training (Fear Experience)

Although most safety training for new employees is conducted through classroom lectures, ZACROS also conducts training through the use of “fear experience machines,” which allow the trainees to experience the fear of accidents at a manufacturing site. This “fear experience machine” was manufactured in-house using parts from older equipment. We are considering adding more “experience machines” in the future, to meet the ever-changing needs of manufacturing sites.