Film Liquid Container:Z-tainer

Z-tainer, a film liquid container, is a film-type bag-in-box made into a gusset shape. Safety is taken into consideration by using two layers of film.
It has high oxygen gas barrier performance and is suitable for liquids resistant to oxidation. Containers larger than 10L have a handle hole that makes it easy to handle, such as when you want to bring them in without cardboard.

Product Features

  1. The self-standing gusset shaped inner bags allow bringing only inner bags into the factory when you want to bring them in without cardboard.
  2. With a handle hole, it is convenient to carry after taking it out of the box. 
  3. Arrangement of film composition is possible, so you can extend the shelf life by adopting a barrier film.
  4. Various accessories, such as caps and cocks are also available.

Main Applications

Sodium hypochlorite, Food(Sweet sake, Soy sauce, Liquid seasonings, Milk), Liquors (Sake, Shochu, Wine), Wax, Emergency water bag, Mineral water, Printer ink, Urea water

Product Specifications

Film Type

Type Features Main applications
Standard Type (A Type)High chemical resistance and durabilityFood and industrial chemicals
Low Odor Type (CA Type)Low plastic odorDistilled spirit
High Barrier Type (B Type)High gas barrierLiquid seasonings
High Barrier and Low Odor (CB Type)Low odor and high gas barrierMineral water

Capacity and Dimensions

Capacity Neck finish Case Dimensions(mm)* Packing Dimensions (mm)* Quantity per carton
*Standard dimensions