Molded Liquid Container:Cubitainer®

Cubitainer®, a molded liquid container, is the world’s first molded-type bag-in-box. And ZACROS has the top share in the market.(※)
The generic type is monomaterial, making it easier to recycle. ZACROS also have an oxygen gas barrier type, suitable for the liquid resistant to oxidation.
※As a molded-type bag-in-box

Product Features

  1. Reducing storage space significantly compared to metal or polyethylene cans with the foldable design.
  2. Offering unique resin lineups that have higher strength and chemical resistance.
  3. Eco-friendly packaging solution with a lightweight flexible inner bag that uses less resin than alternative rigid packaging and the outer cardboard can be recycled easily.
  4. Various accessories, such as caps and cocks are also available.

Main Applications

Industrial chemicals(Plating solutions, Liquid processing agents, Disinfectant), Slurries for semiconductors, Resist ink, Sodium hypochlorite, Reagents (hematology), Food(Sweet sake, Soy sauce, Liquid seasonings, Milk), Liquors (Sake, Wine, Shochu)

Product Specifications

Container Type

TypeFeaturesMain applications
Standard TypeChemical resistance, high durabilityFood, Industrial chemicals, Sodium hypochlorite, Liquid processing agents, Plating solutions
Additive-free TypeAdditive-free resinDairy products
Barrier TypeGas barrierSake, Liquid seasonings

Capacity and Dimensions

CapacityNeck finishCase Dimensions(mm)*Packing Dimensions (mm)*Quantity per carton
*Standard dimensions

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