MediTect™ IV bag

This bag uses proprietary technology to block elution and prevent adsorption of active ingredients to the drug-contact surface.
Therefore, with our bags, historically unstable drugs can be packaged in their liquid form and immediately administered to a patient. In emergency settings, this is particularly important. Essentially, this MediTect® IV bag effectively shortens the dispensing process by offering a stable solution for liquid drugs, thereby contributing to reliability and efficiency in healthcare.

Product Features

  1. Non-interactive properties, enabling glass-like drug stability performance
  2. DMF-registered and compliant with EP, USP, and JP regulations
  3. High level of safety, hygiene, and functionality ensured by multi-layer co-extrusion technology
  4. Manufactured in ISO15378, 13485-compliant site (ISO Class 6 cleanroom)

Main Applications

Neurological drugs, angina treatment, osteoporosis treatment, plasma-derived products, biopharmaceuticals