Non-interactive packaging materials

This flexible packaging material blocks the adsorption of drug APIs and therefore contributes to a longer, more stable shelf life. This film has been adopted for multiple applications, from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics. Films can be customized to match user requirements.

Product Features

  1. Glass-like stability and performance, making it the drug-contact layer of choice for sensitive pharmaceuticals
  2. Used widely in the pharmaceutical space, such as primary packaging for transdermal patches and liquid contents
  3. Minimizes the generation of insoluble particles typical of olefin polymers

Main Applications

Unstable, sensitive contents

Product Specifications

Brand nameFilm seriesTypical contents examplesFormatCharacteristicsRemarks
NIf®βVitaminsSingle-dose packagingGood compatibility with a wide range of varying drug formats (i.e. transdermal patches, liquid drugs)
γGranular medicinesSingle-dose packagingExcellent moisture barrier, optimal for powders and granules
ΣInjectables, vitamins, dilute solutions, protein-based drugsIV bagGlass-like stability properties, ideal for parenteralsCompliant with JP and USP guidelines, DMF-registered