Liquid Container Cubitainer®/Z-tainer®

Cubitainer® and Z-tainer® are alternative liquid containers to rigid plastic containers, metal containers, and pails.They can be collapsed for ease of storage.The standard Cubitainer®︎ is mono-material, providing a recyclable solution.

Product Features

  1. Cubitainer® and Z-tainer® can be collapsed for ease of storage.
  2. A chemically-resistant Cubitainer® and high gas barrier Z-tainer® are available to enable better product protection.
  3. The inner plastic container uses less material than rigid containers for comparable performance, and the cardboard can be easily recycled.

Main Applications

Reagents (hematology), food, industrial chemicals, sodium hypochlorite, liquid processing agents, plating solutions, dairy products, liquors (sake, wine, shochu), liquid seasonings, slurries for semiconductors, resist ink

Product Specifications

●Liquid Container Cubitainer®

TypeFeaturesMain applications
Standard TypeChemical resistance, high durabilityFood, industrial chemicals, sodium hypochlorite, liquid processing agents, plating solutions
Barrier Type (Type B)Gas barrierSake, liquid seasonings
CapacityNeck finishCase dimensions(mm)*Packing Dimensions (mm)*Quantity per carton
*Standard dimensions

●Liquid Container Z-tainer®

TypeFeaturesMain applications
Standard Type (A Type)High chemical resistance and durabilityFood and industrial chemicals
Low Odor Type (CA Type)Low plastic odorDistilled spirit
High Barrier Type (B Type)High gas barrierLiquid seasonings
High Barrier and Low Odor (CB Type)Low odor and high gas barrierMineral water
CapacityNeck finish (mm)Case dimensions(mm)*Packing Dimensions (mm)*Quantity per carton
*Standard dimensions

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