MediTect™ Eye Dropper Bottle

A flexible container capable of retaining active ingredients even at highly dilute levels

Down selecting the ideal materials and carefully combing them through thorough design work, we developed and commercialized this product.
This primary container itself has high barriers against mositure permeation, in addition to the drug contact surface which is designed to prevent sorption of (loss of) active ingredients. With these two functions working simultaneously, we can ensure the efficacy of even ultra-dilute medicines.
This product is commercialized in Japan, and the materials of construction can be altered to achieve customer quality (barrier etc.) requirements as necessary.

Product Features

  1. Moisture barrier: evaporation of contents is prevented even at high temperature and low humidity conditions (40℃, 25%RH)
  2. Low sorption: drug contact layer’s surface is glass-like in structure, and thereby prevents sorption of active ingredients
  3. Low leachables: leachables which are known to migrate from labels, etc. can be blocked by the multi-layer barrier structure

Main Applications

Eye dropper bottle